Thursday, April 4, 2013

[the baker in me... part one]

Dear future baker (ha),

Part one of this story is a little sad, and a little silly.  
I like part two best, but you gotta have the horse before the cart.
Write that down.  That one's for free.

I don't know in which scenario my life would depend on me baking an edible cake, but if there were one - I'd be a goner (gonner?)  In the absence of appropriate real-blogger-and-mother-baker gel colours for a rainbow cake last year (they were delivered late!) I baked Jamie Oliver's pancake cake for a last minute birthday cake for my pal.  It was average at best, kind of stodgy and plain.

Anyway, we ate a slice each and I took the rest to work the next day for my work mates.  Under usual circumstances, nothing goes uneaten in the healthcare profession...  I've seen some pretty dire things be eaten.  Lets just say - rubbish bin raids have been known to occur.

So my beloved (mediocre) pancake cake arrives at work and sits proudly in the fridge with a sign on saying 'pancake cake, eat me!'  I felt sure a free pancake cake would be a welcome treat for my colleagues - I didn't put my name on it so that I sit back could be quietly chuffed with my (very ordinary) efforts.  Regardless of a few tweaks I'd make, it's a pretty interesting concept.  

Also, its free.  Free.

You see the stodginess?  I'd recommend some kind of berry aspect would make it better - a jam or a coulis in the layering.  I can't bake but I sure can eat.

Fast forward to lunch time, and I'm sitting in the back of the staff room waiting for my secret praise.  Imagine my surprise then, to hear...  lets just say...  a very stern and negative appraisal of my work.  There was a lot of 'don't waste your calories' and 'all it is, is nutella and pancakes'.  There was also a very long discussion about all the different aspects of this cake (also of how it isn't even a cake) and all the ways it could be improved.

Don't feel sad for me.  I wasn't sad, I was just bemused really - I'm okay with my weaknesses - though I'd have liked to be able to defend myself.  I'd have said two things.
1). It's Jamie Oliver.  (Instant win).
2).  Also uh, it's free.  I repeat - FREE.

Needless to say, the whole thing was eaten within an hour and people who knew it was me complimented me.  I'm not bothered, in fact I think it says more about the people talking that way - potentially in front of the 'owner' - than it does about me as a person.  But that's a whole 'nother post.

I didn't, however rush to bake again - one failure too many in the baking department for me.  I've been put on probation by My Guy now - to ensure success (and forward moving progress), I should bake only with supervision or not at all.

So funny.

Recently I ventured into the kitchen again to make some of Paisley Jade's special Coconut Iced Chocolate Slice (no bake).  Unsupervised.

And I took it to work and shared it.

So grab a piece of pancake cake and impatiently await part two for the disastrous, life lesson learning results and also a success story.

Love, still no floopin' baker me.  xx  


  1. far out that cake looks amazing I'd eat it any day! (esp. since it was FREE!! .. And Jamie Oliver!) GOSh!

  2. when you come home. You. Me. My kitchen...we are baking!


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