Saturday, April 6, 2013

[oh my guinness...]

# 26) Drink a (or some) beer in an Irish pub.

I'm not a fan of beer - I'd always choose a juice over a beer any day and in my opinion the darker it is, the grosser.  Anyhoo, I'm all about finishing up this bucket list (I'm totally not - I'm way lagging) so here is proof I had some dark beer in an Irish pub (well, bistro but hey ho) with the most amazing steak sandwiches.

Disclaimer:  It was raining, snowing, freezing and we were sick as dogs.  That's why we look a bit budge.


  1. Guinness is thick beer aye. Good on ya girl.

  2. Ohhhh YUCK... I HATE guiness... we went to the guinness factory in Dublin, so despite my HATING LOATHING beer, I thought I HAD to, I was there, so I gave it a try...and nearly spewed... grosse!!! The barman put some raspberry in it...(?) and I foolishly had another sip and once again gagged... I have never put another guiness to my lips!! BLERK!

    you did well!! :)


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