Monday, April 1, 2013

[old me...]

Dear future me,

The adventures in England are over.

The Shard - I drive past here on the bus on my way to and from work.

Don't worry, I'm not sad about it.  Good things end so that new things can begin and I'm okay with that.  Cos I love new things, and the new things we've got planned are uber good.

We are going home in June after a wee road trip in Europe and a stop over in Singapore.  A little farewell to our travelling ways.  I don't know if you ever let travelling out of your heart once it's been in, but I suppose you must move past it.

Out the window, heading to Ireland.
There's a weirdness about going back to our home town where we grew up.  We haven't lived there for almost five years by the time we get home.  

Its just that I feel like 'past me' lives there and I don't care to meet her again.  She uuuugly.  I assume everybody has a 'past-self' who they don't care to remember, and I've decided to think of her as some kind of a bridge to my present self - who I quite like.  She taught me things I wouldn't have otherwise known, helped me shed things I'd have otherwise hung on to.

From one of our local pubs - over the Thames River.

Something I'm learning - you gotta forgive your past self, and trust that she made the decisions she made based on what she knew then - not on what you know now.  She made the best choices she could with the information she had.

Now here's hoping no one else remembers past me either! 
*bites nails nervously*

Love you, and be easy on yourself future me...  xx


  1. I loved past you and still love present you so all goods whichever turns up hehe .. both love games! haha Can't wait to see you again *skips with glee*

  2. Great post Stace. I think we all have some sort of 'past self' that we don't particularly want to be again, even if it was just for a day, but the people who really care loved you then and still love you now :) Can't wait to have you back in the old stomping ground. It's way cooler now :)

    P.S. The traveling never gets out of you and it does take a while to get over it. Warning: You may have culture shock for a while after returning home - we're here for you... hehe. x

  3. Is it weird that I wish I my 18 year old self again? She was a cool care free chick.
    I am so looking forward to seeing you!
    I hope you don't come back and feel "home" is too small for you though after living in such big cities. will find that this place is not to big...not too small...but just right :)

  4. If you don't get a job nursing you could become a writer! You have the ability to make the reader 'see' what you you are writing. You write with such wisdom and insight. Serious talent x


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