Saturday, April 27, 2013

[small things...]

Joining in with Meghan at MNMs for 'Things I'm Lovin'.  The instagram edition.  Life lately has been about waiting, watching, holding space, biding time.  Good time to appreciate the small things...

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful matter how simple it is.

Geek love...  We brought some new sleeping bags for our road trip in a few weeks.  We made sure to buy square ones so we could make a double-up and we slept in it that night to try it out.  Geek love.

Famous girl love...  I was on British TV for the second time.  The first time I was in the audience for Deal or no Deal.  This time, the BBC filmed a documentary in the NHS, including in my unit.  Do I look good in faded red scrubs?

Odd light love...  This odd light came in my window and made strange shadows on my bed.  I heard them call it 'the sun?'

Weird birds love...  Two weird seagulls went crazy outside our window at work.  We are on the sixth floor, and these birds were squawking and pecking, trying to get in to the babies.  Creepers.

Pepper-free sandwich love...  I hate pepper.  So much.  Always, always, always there is pepper on sandwiches, until I found this one at Pumpkin Cafe at the train station.  So happy!

Baby love...  The husbo had to go away for work, and I went with him.  Some friends were up there too (he works for the same company) and we stayed in the same hotel.  They have a new baby, Edward, and I looked after him while his deserving Mama had a pedicure.  Cute!

Plenty of things to be thankful for this week!

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  1. Hey Stacy! You may or may not remember me, but I'm Sarah's (as in Sarah and Alec) sister. I just saw a comment on my mate Sarah's (as in FaerySarah) insta and thought your face looked super familiar:) Cool blog and nice writing!


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