Wednesday, April 24, 2013

[monday memorandum...]

Just a few thoughts to make your week interesting for a Monday.  Ha.
(Wait, it's Wednesday now.  Oh well.)

: :  I turn 30 in two days...  Cripes alive.  My present phobic husband has brought me a special treat and I can't wait to see what it is (read:  I already know because I chose it.  I'm no fool).  Also I'm going to Gordon Ramsay's restaurant for an early dinner, and to a west end show.  Ah am sow London, innit?

: :  Birthday trip...  Also we are going to Croatia for a few days at the weekend.  We had to plan to be back in time in case I got these QI tickets I applied for and was certain I would get (since it's my birthday and our anniversary, although it never asked for that info on the questionnaire - I just assumed they'd know?) But I never heard from them (yet) so I assume we'll have to do something romantic on our anniversary instead.  Sigh.

: :  Three weeks of work left...  I work in a really lovely unit, but I am super glad to be done with work in a few weeks.  Most of our pals here work to travel - as in, they work enough to get money (like three months or so) and then travel for a month or so.  We never did that though, I've worked right through since we arrived - only taking a two week break when Mum visited.  Any ideas for a job I can do when I arrive home that doesn't involve working?

Pretty rad view from my work.

: :  No work...  I have emailed two places at home about work, and applied for two jobs and have had NO REPLY from any of them.  I'm so surprised because I'm a really good nurse (mostly) and when I was writing my C.V I said to the husby that I look so good on paper, I'd give myself a job without reading the rest of the pile.  Nothing like a good old dose of ignoring to pop my over inflated ego.

: :  It was actually sunny...  We came to England from New Zealand's winter, into England winter.  Then we hit the worst summer England has seen for 100 years (fact according to myself), then the coldest winter for 100 years (fact according to myself but I feel like I've heard it before.)  I have never been so pale in all my life (and I am usually like glow in the dark PALE).  Lets just say that the bits that see the light of day are the same colour as the bits that don't.  BUT this week I have seen shadows for the first time in two years, and I even wore my sunglasses today.  Bliss!

By my pad.

: :  Dandruff city...  Since coming to England I have been plagued with dandruff problems.  (I exaggerate).  Don't judge me, I'm a clean girl with usually nice hair which I wash regularly, but the water here is so hard and limescale-y.  I digress.  This week was particularly diabolical.  I switched shampoo from one which shall remain nameless (Tresemee) that was making me get split ends and fly aways.  I switched to another one that shall remain nameless (Pantene) that gave me a filmy, greasy feeling.  Not to mention I was now looking like I had dropped a packet of dessicated coconut on my head.  So I had to go to the hairdresser and ask for some help - she suggested that I wash my hair with dishwashing liquid (no lies - she told me not to tell anyone she said it) and then with some proper hairdresser type shampoo that shall not remain nameless.  Kerastase.  Kerastase and my hair are now having a love affair made of soft, sweet smelling locks and not a coconut flake in sight.  Win.

: :  De-furring...  Speaking of hair, today I went to have multiple small hairs ripped from various places on my body.  I felt a bit concerned when half way through, beauty lady goes 'so, are we doing your upper lip today?'  I say 'ah... nope, wasn't planning on it'.  She goes 'oh.  long pause.  okay'.  I'm all like 'lady, I'm almost thirty - a few lip hairs never hurt anyone.  I'm embracing my age with grace.'  Then I go home and pluck the crap out of that top lip.

So there you go.  I hope your day is more interesting now, and that it wasn't so boring before that a post which is mostly about hairs and weather made it exponentially more interesting.  Cos if that's the case, you gotta get a hobby.  For reals.



  1. You are so funny! Always get a laugh from your posts. All the best on the job front...

  2. there's the Stacey I know!
    Always love your humor about the things you see :)

  3. haha - love the upper lip story!! fortunately livvy has your back when you return. x


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