Monday, April 29, 2013

[love letter...]

#22 - Write a love letter to my husband.
See my bucket list here.

Gag fest ensues.  
I can't help it - it's an anniversary post.  Never fear, there is a fart joke in there to lower the tone a bit.  You're welcome.  

Dear future husband,
(Just to clarify; I'm thinking same husband, just in the future.)

Today is our six year wedding anniversary.  The last year has certainly been our most adventurous and our most loving yet.  I can only assume it continues to get better from here.

Today walking home from the bus, we were holding hands and you looked into my eyes and kissed my hand.  It's moments like those I feel the sweetness of us.  You took not three steps and I heard what can only be described as a fog horn in the mist.  Surprised, you looked behind you as if you might see the ship the fog horn belonged to appear.*  It's moments like those I feel the laughter of us.  

It sums us up really - we park long enough in the garage of romance to remember and remind ourselves we are sweet, loving and kind.  But we spend the majority of our time navigating the roads of life with laughter and silliness and friendship - and it's here I find my greatest happiness.

Last night we were in Croatia, eating al fresco as the sun went down over the mediterranean and you toasted our six years and hoped for sixty more.  I hope we have sixty more too, but lets make each year count - I know there are people who would do anything for just one more day.  Let's not forget we are the lucky ones.

Lovingly and fartingly yours,

Your wife and friend. xx

*Suffice to say there was no ship.


  1. awwh - lovely - ship or no ship ;)
    and congrats on 6 yrs !!!

  2. aw you are so sweet. You guys are the cutest couple!

  3. Awww congratulations guys! You are so funny and cute!

  4. Aww so cute .. can't believe it was a whole 6 years ago! Feels like yesterday that you were surprising (lots of people anyway) with your 'engagement party' wedding :-) Miss you guys and can't wait to have you back!!! S xo


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