Tuesday, July 2, 2013

[the great return...]

Dear future bore,


We went home.

After living in London for almost two years, we went back to our home town where we haven't lived for five years.  Our home town is pretty small and kind of rough, if I'm allowed to be honest.  Being away was amazing - life changing even, but it made us realise how we love that rough town we call home.  We missed the scenery - rolling hills, water for miles, green - so much green.  We missed the lifestyle - barbecues in all seasons, fresh fish and family.

So we went home.  It has been hard and special, and emotional and exhilirating.

More on that later, future me.  Meantime - don't forget to relish the journey.

xx  Enjoying the ride.


  1. Yep, after living away from that old hometown for 11(!) years now, it is like the greener grass on the other side of the fence for me. You are blessed to be able to live back there - ENJOY.

  2. Great to have you both home again and to be close enough to be part of the next stage of your wonderful life journey.
    Peace, love and all good things,
    Nana xx

  3. So good to have you guys back, look forward to hearing more on this 'home' adventure xx

  4. We came home too after living in England for over 4 1/2 years and it is BRILLIANT. So wonderful to be home and to be reminded every single day how lucky we are to live here in NZ.


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