Saturday, July 28, 2012

[things i'm loving...]

I haven't been particularly well lately, but this week has been a very good'un for a few reasons...

person...  This person is home.  I know I already showed you this picture but its just that I like him so much, and I like it when he's home.

 growth...  Something about watching these plants grow from seed is so reassuring and peaceful.  The coriander (ew) is growing so fast - in just two weeks it has gone from seed to this!  But what I really love is that they lean towards the sun, as if they just know they need it to survive and flourish.  There is probably some kind of metaphor in there for life and such and such but I don't feel like getting deep.  Let me know if you figure it out.

(The best presents you give are the ones you enjoy yourself...  hehe)

british sun...  It's as if this country hasn't seen sun in years (I don't think it has), and so this week when the temperature almost hit thirty (eeeek!) there was maximum bikini action and men with their shirts off in every part of town.  Undies, undies, undies, togs, togs, togs.  The city soaked up sun as if it thought it may never be back (and chances are it won't be...)

(Later in the day I saw multiple half naked bodies on this piece of grass).

elderflower...  It's something I never saw at home, but sweet moses this drink is yummy.  I love the bottle too!

comedy...  I told you we were going to Rhys Darby this week, and we did.  I was made fun of by my pals for laughing so loud, but he was so funny!  I like laughing.  I should do more of that.

A weird shot of the inside of the theatre at Shepherds bush where the show was.

So all in all, a good week in my world!

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  1. So glad you are finally getting some summer weather. I love elderflower too!

  2. And your blogs always make my day too! Love, love , love you, Nana xx

  3. Photo-tropism....the plant process where they grow towards the light. Learned that in my "plant project" for 7th form biology. :)

    Ive just read Rhys Darbys autobiography...and Im thinking I might head to library and see if they have his DVD...and maybe watch YES MAN again. Yes Laugh more...I like your laugh..Id be laughing loud with you bud.


  4. I've never tried Elderflower! Sun is lovely, there is just rain, rain, rain in Auckland atm : (


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