Friday, July 13, 2012

[high five for friday]

Here's my top five for the week.

The signets at the lake nearby my house are getting big and boy are they ugly. 

After a night shift, My Guy and our friend K made us a delicious breakfast.  My pal  E is singing a song about her teacup here - post night shift delerium has a lot to answer for.

This hunk went all the way to Australia for work this week.  Here we are having our last dinner together and he understandably isn't too keen to pose for a photograph.

Love these penguins at the zoo lates I went to this week!

Turns out a British summer is not as sunny as a New Zealand winter...  But here is the elusive sun peeking out to say hello!  Nice to see you, pal!

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and...  Meghan at MNM's for Things I'm Loving!


  1. Great pics - love the two shots of your friend and hunk - they both look shots out of a cool movie! And in answer to your question..yep, I'm on instagram...meghanatmnms :-)


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