Sunday, July 15, 2012

[monday memorandum...]

It's that time again - Monday time.  My Monday Memorandum - a few random trinkets from my week.

: :  toilet paper junkie...  It's official - I use too much toilet paper.  I think it's the fear that I'll get 'stuff' on my hands perhaps - although it's a little odd because I'm a nurse so that happens often anyway.  I just noticed that I tend to pull at the roll a few times before I rip it off.

: :  twilight series...  This week I watched the Twilight series.  I've read it before and never really understood what all the fuss was about.  Now I've seen the movies and I still don't get it.  I mean, it's okay but I wouldn't say it's anything to rave about.  (PS.  Team Jacob...)

: :  missing out...  Being so far away from home has the potential to be sad and lonely.  I've not found it too bad so far, for the most part.  On Saturday, the family gathered together to celebrate what would have been my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary.  My Pop died too soon almost six years ago, and I'd have liked to be there for the family gathering...  It's those times I feel I'm missing out!

: :  hibernation...  This weekend I've been hibernating.  My body feels worn out and run down, and in need of a long rest.  So I went to the library and got out some tv series' and I've been watching season six of House and the Downton Abbey Christmas special in my yoga pants.

: :  yoga pants...  As an aside, my yoga pants have never been used for yoga - or any other type of exercise.  They should be called 'lounging pants'.  I even went to the movies in them the other week.  When I go out in them I wear running shoes and a zip up jumper so I look like I've just come from a run.  Makes them acceptable.

: :  adoption hatch...  Interesting new trend - 'adoption hatches'.  It's like a post box for babies - usually attached to a hospital, for women who feel unable to keep their babies.  What do you think?  Read more here.

: :  my guy...  My Guy is in Tasmania for work at the moment.  It's a little lonely without him, and his bags got lost for a few days (and then found) but it's a good job.  And he got to pat a Tasmanian devil. Lucky duck.

: :  berry smoothie...  At work there is a 24 hour cafe which sells the best blueberry and banana smoothie.  They are so delectable, I keep buying them and it has the potential to get a bit expensive!

Anyhoo, that'll do for now.  What have you all been up to this week?


  1. I am definitely an over user of toilet paper...especially at work....I see the oldies eyes light up at how much paper I have!

  2. I had to laugh at the toilet paper one - now there's honesty for you! Sorry you are feeling the separation from your family at the moment, and missing your man. Hugs! x


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