Thursday, July 12, 2012

[zoo lates...]

The zoo lates are a series of evening parties, set at a zoo in central London.  What a funny idea huh?!  They have street food, bars, cabaret and a silent disco.  

And animals of course!
Here are a few shots of our time there.

This guy loved paper, and stole some out of a ladies handbag.  I also think he might have been pregnant.

Two apes hanging around in a tree.

I call her Narla.  She was watching some baby ducks in a wee lake.

These guys were my favourites.  Waddle, waddle.

Some peeps were pretending to be in Shanghai.

Some were pretending to be eaten by a lion.

...or an ape...

Or comparing themselves to gorillas!

 What a fun night I had with my two best England pals.  I love these girls and we have such fun together.  A party at the zoo - how absurd.  I even saw naked boobs on stage, a man juggling and tap dancing at the same time, and a man eating fire! 

Where else can you get this kind of entertainment!

Linking up with Meghan at MNM's.  Love this series!

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