Wednesday, June 13, 2012

geeksville... and proud...

See my other posts about our trip to Vancouver and Whistler here.

On our final day in Vancouver, we had a little extra time to kill, so in true geek fashion we headed to the local botanical gardens.  If you can't handle nerdiness, hit your escape key now (do people still use escape keys?)  If you want to see gorgeous plant life, and colours you couldn't make up in your wildest imagination - then hang in there.

 To add to the geek theme, we wore matching jackets.  Die hard geeks.

Heading into spring, all the flowers were in bloom, and there was every colour imaginable (and more.)

I felt like I appreciated the imagination and creativity of a God who wants us to enjoy life!

I revelled in the deliciousness that was around me...  (romantic gag)

I stopped a while to smell the... uh... red ones.

Hope you enjoyed this journey into dweebsville with me.

Thus ends the trilogy that was our trip to Canada - country of awesomeness.

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  1. I love your photos of flowers Stacey. They are amazing. My favourites are the little orange bell ones.

  2. Love your photos of flowers Stacey. My favourites are the little orange bell ones.

  3. Romantic gag? Is there such a thing? :P Gorgeous pics!


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