Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Dear future techological me,

I know it may seem 'olden days' to you, but smart phones are currently the 'in thing'.  We don't have communication devices implanted in our brains yet so we have to make do with carrying something around.  

And this week, mine broke.

The only picture I have of technology.  We love it, but we don't photograph it.  Weird.

I never realised how much I used it (or maybe I was in denial) until I didn't have one anymore.  My battery went funny (so technical) and the phone wouldn't charge.  I had to use my housemates old little phone - it has a black and white screen and doesn't even take photos...  I had no contacts, no way of finding out how many calories in an all day breakfast panini, no way to tell how long my bus would be, or whether the tube was even running.  What a saddo.

Don't get me wrong - I wouldn't be without a smart phone now - I don't know how people do it without them.  Paper maps?  Books?  Asking for directions?  Fooey.

What a sad and tragic life I live, when all my comings and goings, my communication with friends and family are all entwined into a rectangular device which holds my life in the palm of its... well, whatever they have instead of hands... gigabytes?  For that one day I actually felt lost.  I didn't know what to do with my hands.  I brought a magazine so I would have something to do on the bus on my way home.

So future technological me, when they try to implant something into your brain, remember this lesson. Life is still for living.  Technology is meant to help us make our lives easier and free-er, not live it for us.  Put down your phone (or power off your in-brain communication device) and have a sit down dinner with your family.  Use a paper map.  Listen to the radio.  Read a real book.  Smile at a stranger.  Be present.  

Love, awkard limbs when something isn't in my hand me.


  1. My (basic, pre-paid, text only) phone has been out of $ for the last few days and it's driving me slightly mad, too!

    We are all so attached to technology. And the implant thing is not too far away - just saw something on TV recently about people voluntarily going in to get chips in their arms. They were saying how great it is because they don't need to carry around their wallets anymore. Hmm... now where have I heard that before? SCARY.

  2. so true! and my phone isn't even that great but when I lose it people get upset coz I can't contact them straight away lol such a sad life xo

  3. LOL, I don't have a smartphone and I am surviving okay (at the moment). Hoping to avoid buying one for as long as possible. Rob has one (a secondhand one) but he doesn't know how to use half the stuff on it. I do like Ethan's iPod Touch and since they are so similar to iPhones, I can see why people love them so much. Just can't justify the expense right now as I'm on prepay and only spend about $10/month on texts (true story!) ...


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