Sunday, February 10, 2013

[let it snow...]

Dear future me, 

In England there are two camps - snow haters and snow lovers and not much in between. It may just be that I have hardly seen the snow in my life, but I gotta be honest - turns out I'm a total a snow lover.

Haters, I get it - the slippery-ness and the dirty brown snow.  The layering up with ten layers of clothing and having to take them all off when one goes inside a store.  The slipping over in the snow and hurting ones hip, knee and arm (or so I've heard).  I feel ya, haters - snow is the nemesis of a summer bunny.

Oh, but the silkiness of freshly fallen snow.  The way the local pub suddenly becomes so cosy, and a hot chocolate a necessity.  The snowman almost twice my size with whole onions for eyes and coal for buttons.  The way it brings people together - adults smiling at eachother with cheer in their faces over children playfully throwing snowballs at each other...  wait, I think that was on a movie I saw...  You get the picture.  

It snowed here in London recently and we were lucky in that it fell, then got a wee bit warmer and then rained it all away so we didn't really suffer the slushy, buses-won't-run-and-trains-fall-off-their-tracks situation London often faces.

And guess what?  It looks like snow tonight.  Yes, yes it does.  Haters gon' hate.

Love, me.  xx


  1. Ha too cute :-) I do love the snow .. I just love the summer more ;-)

  2. OH MY GOODNESS. That snow man is EPIC!
    I havent seen enough snow, so I dunno if im a hater or a lover. But I sure do like the warm maybe I could visit then come home again?


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