Saturday, November 10, 2012

[the courageous women...]

Dear future strong woman,

I'm no feminist.    I believe in equality and fairness between women and men but really I'm all about men opening doors for women and giving them their seat on the bus.

I just think that men are amazing and have their place in the world - opening jam jars and forgetting birthdays, building decks and teaching their little girls how they should be treated by the men in their lives.  This is men, it just is.  And those men are complemented by women, with their integral softness and natural instincts with people, with their mother hearts and their hyper-emotional--overreaction-and-embellishment of small situations.

Lately I've been aware of a few women (mostly in cyber-world) that I just consider to be so strong, and I've realised something that I guess is worth remembering...

'Strong' doesn't mean that the woman is above hurt or exempt from lifes trials.  Oh no.  Sometimes strong means recognising our own weakness and reaching out for help.  Women are so good at this - supporting each other in times of trouble.  We are also super good at tearing each other down - why do we do this?

Check out Momastery - started by a woman who was broken, then healed and is now real and honest. She believes in God, in being true to yourself, in women supporting each other through the hard times that inevitably come.  I love her practicality and truthfulness.
(There is a super awesome thing they do - check out monkee see, monkee do. and the holiday hands version.)

The aim here, future courageous lady is this:  living a true and real life, firm in my beliefs and in the belief that life is hard and wonderful.  Drawing on strength as a woman and all that that entails - supporting other women (and men).  So go on lady, do it!

Love, current day woman, requiring stretching and kneading.


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