Monday, July 23, 2012

[monday memorandum]

With My Guy away, I've felt a little lonely this week.  (Just a little.)  It's silly because he goes away for work a lot lately but this time seemed different - I guess because he was reeeeeeally far away in Australia.  I used to hate being alone, but now I quite like it actually.  I'm a lucky girl in that I have some super great pals who look after me.

: :  One super great pal made me tea for each of the three days I worked this week.  I had beef stew, then meat pie, then lemon chicken.  Also dessert each night.  Am I the most blessed or what?!

Some prettiness I saw on my way home the other day.

: :  I'm watching season one of 'Heroes'.  Ever seen it?  It's pretty sweet so far.  I'd be the girl who can't get injured I think.  Nah, maybe the guy who can fly.

: :  Yesterday was actually sunny - for the first time in what seems like the whole of the British 'summer'.  The winter was pretty mild, but oh to get some vitamin d!  The ducks in our lake were loving it (oh by the way, the ducklings are super huge now...)

Sun, actual, real life sun.  (And ducklings if you look hard enough!)

 : :  This week we are off to see Rhys Darby in concert.  Haha, I'm already laughing, and looking forward to some New Zealand humour!

: :  The olympics starts in five days.  It's going to be a bit wild I suspect - London is already a bit excitable about it all.  Rings everywhere and on Saturday I saw that an olympic god has thrown a javelin into the concrete outside the library.  I'm looking to get some tickets - gotta try and be part of it somehow, right?!

He came back.  Sigh.  (And evidence of toothpaste requirement - mentioned below)

: :  I have a big zit on my chin, and I put some toothpaste on it overnight - that works, right?  Anyway My Guy was very surprised to see me with white all over my chin when we woke up this morning and also the doorbell rang so I hurried to answer it with toothpaste face.  Luckily there was no one there. (Something weird is happening with our doorbell).  Ha.

: :  Yesterday I went to collect My Guy from the airport.  I left at 4.30am to catch two buses and a train.  Also it turns out (I've discovered lately) that I am a total douche when it comes to directions.  Me and google maps are arch enemies.  Anyway I made it to the meeting point (only went the wrong way twice) and discovered that London is a hive of activity at 6am on a Sunday!  Who knew?!

Early morning London - crisp and still, yet so busy in some parts!

: :  Tonight we are having a barbeque.  We are even having sausages and cider on the lawn, and I predict sun.  It feels like a real summer...  Can't wait.

That's enough of that.  Don't forget I'm hosting the book club next week so stay tuned for that.
Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Love hearing from you .. and seeing what you've been up to! .. you are missed!! xo

  2. I haven't done the toothpaste-on-zit thing for years! Does it work?! I never really figured it out! Glad your man is home again :-)

    Just read your other post about the pancake cake but it's gone now ... anyway, my friend at work made one like that for my birthday a couple of years ago. Interesting!!

  3. Great to read your post was Rhys Darby? Good to get some humour that is understandable eh? Lotsa love, Nana x

  4. I just bought Rhys Darbys book yesterday... looking forward to a funny read!


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