Tuesday, July 10, 2012

[monday memorandum...]

Bit of a busy week I've had.  Some of my best days are those when I'm alone in the house with chocolate and Downton Abbey.  You know, the ones where you get stuff done - the stuff that sits and waits for you until you have some spare time for you to get around to it.

: :  alone...  I live with four other people, and I have realised that although I like them (one of them is my husband!) very much, I need need need time alone to recharge or I get very antsy and grumbly.

: :  soleil...  Today I waited all day for it to get sunny so I could go to the supermarket.  You know, because I have to walk there and I have uber short legs so my pant bottoms get wet.  Then when I got home and sat down, look what I saw - me ole pal!

: :  juicy...  I found some new juice I like.  It's a local supermarket brand, and the flavour is cranberry and raspberry.  Delectable.

: :  amazon woman...  Confession time - sometimes I buy things off amazon because I can't be bothered going to the shop.  It's the epitome of lazy, but I just can't seem to stop.  Birthday presents, shelves, electronics, cake accessories - I buy them all.

: :  downton...  Any of my three readers watched Downton Abbey?  I'm watching it right now - season two and Patrick has just come back.  What a spanner in the works, what with Matthew in the state he's in.  Love it.

: :  birds...  I've come to enjoy watching the ducks, swans and geese.  We often feed the birds and I like seeing their funny waddles and fights.  We've had lots of babies too which is cute.

: :  fart...  Sometimes I wish it were appropriate to make funny status updates on facebook about farts and poos.  It's my favourite type of humour, and consequently I frequently don't have any status updates to make.  Ha.

: :  zoo lates...  My two pals and I went to the zoo to an event called 'zoo lates' which is like a big party at the zoo.  What a funny idea huh?  It was fun, but for us (we didn't do much partying!) it was more of just a look around at the zoo!  (post to come on that!)

: :  special cake...  Tomorrow I'm making a special cake for my friend whose birthday it was on Sunday.  I'll keep it a secret for now but post on it later!

: :  eyelash...  Do you think eyelashes get stuck behind eyeballs?  How many eyelashes must one person have behind the eyes?

Once again, too many boring old points but there you have it.  A productive day for me - I did washing, cooking, tv watching, movie watching, present wrapping, walking, and shopping.

And blogging!

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  1. It's very nice to hear what you have been up to this week. I certainly hope the sun makes an appearance by the time I get there! I don't do rainy weather.

  2. Great catch up - and yes, I love Downton Abbey! Have season 1 and 2 and the Christmas special.

  3. love it!! i think farts are funny too. i also get the whole legs too short so pants get wet if the ground is wet. soooo frustrating

  4. I think this is a hilarious post! Love your one-word bullets and your lack of fart status updates. hehehe

  5. Just sneakily, you have more than 3 bloggy followers. I have been following you for a couple of years now (at least 18 months).
    Im just a silent reader



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