Monday, July 2, 2012

[monday memorandum...]

I've never really needed a diary.  I mean, I've always had one - you know, to look like a lady.  Now I have a diary and it actually has things written in it.  I'm also using google calendar (amazing) to keep a track of my oh-so-demanding schedule.  I feel like a movie star.

To that end, ten tidbits to make a snapshot of life lately.

: :  My new contract for work is so good.  I'm back with the babies, and although some things are done quite differently and I'm not convinced it's me plus babies forever, it suits me just nicely for now.

: :  I love instagram.  My only gripe is that I wish more people everyone used it.  That is the only gripe.  And I am a griper, so that's saying something.
(Note:  All photos in this post taken and edited on instagram and completely unrelated to the content of the post).

Big as lion.

: :  We moved house to a bigger place (same amount of people but the house is about three times bigger.)  It's nice, and feels a little more permanent perhaps.  I still miss lots of things about the old place, and turns out I'm not a person who copes with change well.  Fact.

: :  My Mum is coming to England to visit (and trip around Europe like jet-setter) in under two months. I can't wait to show her around.  It will be so weird seeing someone from home here.  It's like two worlds which can't collide, colliding.

Patriotism at the local pub

: :  I read a newspaper article about a new plane being patented which can do London to Sydney in four hours.  Does that change the world or what?!

: :  My Guy has this great job which means he travels a bit.  It's funny because we came to London from New Zealand to travel together and now he goes away for work.  Guess where his next contract is?  Australia.  No lies.  Ironic huh?

: :  Yesterday we got home from what I think is the craziest four days of my life.  We went to Marrakech, Morocco.  A man tried to buy me from Morgan for 5000 camels.  Pretty good deal I reckon.  Wonder what a camel goes for these days?

: :  I decided to see my new blog situation as a blessing in disguise, and I like my new blog design and idea but somehow I can't find my voice for it.  I'm trying to write for me, but I don't know what I want to hear.

First summer picnic

: :  Is there anyone who doesn't like carrots?  I think there are few people who love them (like would choose them over a cupcake or a sausage roll...  What?  Sausage rolls are delicious) but I don't know anyone who can't eat them, or bear them being on their plate.

: :  I am about to start season two of Downton Abbey, and I'm watching Call the Midwife on demand on BBC.  I think I was meant to be born in the 1950s.

So that's that.  Ten less things for me to write in my diary.  Whew.

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  1. yay for your mummy visititing soon! and yay for getting back into SCUBU


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