Sunday, May 13, 2012

things you didn't know you wished you knew...

Monday memorandum with a difference.

This life is a journey, and as part of that we have to know ourselves, and be true to our real person.  In keeping with that theme, here are some things you always didn't know you wished you knew about me.  Well folks, no more wishing...

: :   I hate having long fingernails.  As soon as they get close to the end of my fingers, I need to cut them.  Heaven forbid they would ever clickety clack on my keyboard or cellphone.

: :  I love red.  Red anything - clothes, food, house colours.  Red eyeshadow...  Just kidding - yikes.   Red, red, red.

: :  I feel like I have enough friends in my life.  Sad one huh?  I used to be so social, but as I get older I just appreciate the ones I have and feel like I want to work on nurturing them.  Quality over quantity.  Am I awful?

: :  In addition to that, I used to be very compassionate, and feel others pain deeply.  I've become cynical and less emotional over time, and it affects my nursing career.  I don't know if it's just part of life, or something I can (and should) change.

: :  I love food, but am reluctant to try new things.  I want to broaden my foodie horizons, but find myself sticking with the same old things.  I love greek and mediterranean food.

: :  Lately I find myself obsessed with birth, birth stories, maternity shows and I cry every time.  I've been thinking about retraining later on as a midwife.  And no, I'm not clucky.

: :  I don't drink coffee or tea.  I know, I know - blasphemous, I'm missing out, blah blah.  My Guy drinks coffee like it's going out of fashion but I just can't like it.  I like the smell, but hot drinks in general just creep me out a bit.  I like a hot chocolate, but that's only occasionally and not just any old one.

: :  I'm an organised person, and I need to learn to balance that with an ability to be relaxed when things don't go according to plan.  I've yet to discover that ability.  I hate that I'm not down to earth and calm about things.

: :  My sense of humour is very dry, and often gets me in trouble.  I make jokes about inappropriate things sometimes mostly (I especially think poo stories are funny) and with a straight face as well, so people often don't realise I'm joking.   

: :  There are a lot of things I don't like about myself but I'm okay with that, and I just try to see them as growing opportunities - things I can work on and change.  I guess most people feel that way, and like I said - life is a fabulous journey.

What things do I wish I knew about you?


  1. I loved this post, Stacey! I don't like hot drinks either. Squick. And I think you're very funny - we have the same dry sense of humour :) Mine gets me in trouble too. Must be the sarchasm. :P

  2. Uh oh, can't see these pics! :-(
    But I did enjoy reading your facts :-) I don't drink coffee or tea either, and I don't care if people think I should!!
    As for the friend thing (quality over quantity), no you are not awful. I get what you mean, totally. There are only so many meaningful relationships that a person can sustain PROPERLY ... and realising that proves how much you care about the close friends you already have. You want to nurture those relationships, and you know you'll be spreading yourself too thin if you try to add more close friendships to the mix. So I think it makes you a GREAT friend!


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