Wednesday, May 9, 2012

birds and blossoms...

I've been hoping you've been missing me in my absence, and that your heart has grown fonder?

Great news - I got my computer back.  So good.

Linking up with Meghan today from MNM's.  She is so poetic and creative, and has the most gorgeous boys.  Meghan is challenging us to look around, take stock, to love where we live.

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I'm living in someone elses country right now.  I like it here though, and I like the idea of being present in the moment - in this moment, for this season.
Of loving where I'm living.

I'm not beautifully spoken, and I don't have a way with the written word.  However, I have lots of pictures to share of this lovely setting I'm blessed to be living in, but lets take it slowly and savour it all, shall we?

I may or may not have bragged mentioned in passing before that I live on the edge of a canal.  Quite a rarity for London city, I'm told.

It's spring, and the baby birds are hatching. I'm not usually an animal lover, but I have been getting a little excited about the birds - especially the babies!...

... new birds are appearing (we like going on bird hunts - geek or chic?)...  This new heron showed up last week.  He likes to hang out in the nests in the middle of the canal, and he is so cute drinking the water out...

... also the blossoms are out in force.  So gorgeous huh?..

Not to shabby, if I do say so myself.  
Are you intrigued and desperate for more?


  1. Aw shucks...such lovely comments :-) So glad you're linking up - after a couple of people have asked, I've been inspired to turn this back into a proper linky (the last one expired)so please come back and link up when it's ready!

    Also I love that first pic of the birds...those babies are adorable and SO colourful!

  2. Oh dear, I can't see any of your pics ... they all look like black squares with a white arrow on them?? :-(


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