Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Dear future me,

I have been a long time between posts and it's a bit of a shame actually because a lot has been happening and I fear I'll forget it all.  I have been on trips and had situations and learned lessons and I have forgotten (or not bothered) to tell you all about it.  To be honest, sometimes I think things are just best soaked into our hearts, and kept to ourselves, yet the point of this blog is preservation.  So here I am, and here is a snapshot of life lately.

: :  We had snow.  I was like a kid in a sweet shop, I walked the slowest I've ever walked and had a giddy smile on my face the whole way to the supermarket.  Snow geek.

Let it snow!

: :  Yesterday on my way to work in the morning, an alarm bell was going off.  I couldn't really tell where it was coming from because it was echoing around the river, but I soon found out it was coming from the hostel across the road from the bus stop.  I saw people evacuating and heard (NZ and Aussie accented) voices yelling about how cold it was out here.  Three fire engines showed up.  Hehe.  I guess someone burned their toast.

: :  One of the London family, our friend E, went home to Australia on Thursday.  She surprised her family (love it), but saddened us.  It won't be the same without her.  She, like all good friends, adds something to a moment.  Least she'll be just across the ditch when we get home.

E and I...  Bye special friend!

: :  Speaking of home, there are apparently rumours we are coming home soon!  Please note in this formal environment - there are no definite plans to come home soon, and we are not surprising anyone with our arrival.  There, now that's thrown you off track.  Ha.

: :  I had brought a super awesome scarf, which I dropped at the shop when I was trying something on.  I went online to find a new one (they weren't in the shop anymore) and it was £7.85, with £3.50 postage.  So naturally I spent a further £40 so that I could get free postage.  Awkward.  Even more awkward when half of it didn't fit me.  Hehe.

: :  Tomorrow night we are having a friend over for tea and she is doing a vegan month for February.  What the bazooka's do vegans even eat?!  Well we'll soon find out - we're cooking for her.  Watch this space.

: :  Lastly but not leastly, it's this fabulous lady's birthday today, can you believe she's fifty?!

Mum and I in Santorini - Happy birthday Mum!
More posts coming up, dear future me.  I will not forget you.  (Or maybe I will, I guess we'll see.)

Love, daughter of a half century beauty.  xx

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  1. I was just thinking about you the other day and that I had missed reading your posts lately! Glad you got some snow:o)


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