Tuesday, September 4, 2012

[monday memorandum...]

Encouragement is so uplifting. So appreciative of all the encouragement here on the blog, and also on facebook after my last post.  Like I said, I wasn't feeling sad for myself, just a little confused and it's nice to know I'm not the only one getting dumber as I get older.  Maybe I should just embrace the thickness.

With that, here is Monday Memorandum...  a little late this week but I'm sure you'll survive.

: :  mum...  As I told you, Mum visited this week.  It was so nice to have her here!  Also, a little odd having someone here from home - I think I've mentioned before, it feels like two different worlds colliding.  Not bad at all of course, just strange.  It was super fun showing her around London - we did some fun touristy things (more on that later), and I realised how I need to get more touristy in my day to day life!

Mum the day she arrived.

: :  purse...  I brought the coolest coin purse on Granville Island in Vancouver.  One of those purchases you make when you aren't sure you should, and then you never regret it.  This week, I lost it!  I think it fell out of my bag when I pulled my cardi out...  boooo.

: :  kindle...  In other boooooo news, my kindle screen is broken.  Stinker.  I have to go back to reading the old fashioned way - with an actual book.  How odd.

: :  man drought...  It's not that I'm looking, but I have a few single lady friends and I have noticed on their behalf that there seems to be a decent man shortage.  Where have they all gone?  If you know a decent man that is looking for a decent lady, I'm thinking of starting up my own dating business but it's a bit one sided at present.  Ha.

The London Eye.

: :  crochet...  I just keep thinking about this picture I saw on instagram of someone crocheting the softest looking baby blanket and I want to make one too.  I started watching a few youtube vids of crochet basics and I'm after some needles (needles?  or hooks?) and some yarn (yarn?  what am I, American?!) to make the softest baby blanket ever.  Also, is this even possible?

 ::  work...   I'm at work at the moment.  It's 2.37 am and I'm on an extra shift.  Somehow picking up an extra makes working a little less palatable, especially at this hour.  Also, don't tell my boss I'm blogging while the babies sleep.

Midnight, on the way to get a hot choc and muffin for my workmate and I.

: :  lists...  Anyone else a major list fan?  I have five lists on the go at the moment, and it helps my brain feel less cluttery.  Lists for presents, things to do, things to buy, and even a miscellaneous list.  I think that's the beaver in me coming out.  I'm certainly more 'beaverish' as I age.

: :  games...  I miss board gaming.  I know, super nerdy, right?  My friend posted a pic on FB of all their games - a whole bookshelf full and I just remembered how much good fun it was.

That'll be enough for now.  I've got a few ideas for posts coming up so stay tuned!


  1. you are rockin those scrubs....naughty blogging!
    Yay that your mumma gets to visit. How cool.

  2. I'm glad you had such a nice time with your Mum. That's a great photo of her with London in the background.

    Sorry about your lost wallet and your broken Kindle :-(

    You're rocking the pink scrubs!! Love them!


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