Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Monday memorandum has evolved in to just plain old 'memorandum' on account of the fact that it is almost never Monday when I post it.

My brain has been feeling oh so cluttery lately.  It's as if the mind can only hold a certain number of things, and when it gets overloaded it gets foggy and slow.  I don't know about you, but it makes me feel a wee bit sad, and the best cure is to get organised.  So earlier in the week I went online to me ole friend amazon and purchased a few things to help me along the way - probably the parcel of my dreams.

: :  the best delivery ever...  I got some click clack containers for our food cupboard, and some labels to label which food is ours (we live in a house with a bunch of other people).  I got a wardrobe organiser - it's kind of a canvas shelving unit that hangs from the bar in the wardrobe to put things on, right from the bar to the floor.  I got a shoe rack for all the shoes that pile up around the door.

: :  the little things that help...  I've been working too much (any much feels like too much lately!).  I had a nice shift with a lovely new friend I've made and I popped downstairs at midnight and fetched us a hot chocolate and a muffin.  It's the little things, right?!

In the elevator heading down to the cafe.

: :  the great bike fiasco...  My friend taught me to ride a bike, and we've been riding home.  Well, I already knew how to ride but I've not done it for about twenty years.  So we ride home from work (in London alongside the big red buses).  I am slow and awful, but I'm exercising and it's a little bit fun.  Ha.

: :  sidenote...  How can I possible be old enough to refer to something as being 'twenty years ago'.  Yikes.

: :  craftastic...  I spent ages researching the stitches, techniques, yarn and hooks for crochet.  It was ridiculous how long I spent, and so I just decided to get started on a special project.  I'm amazing at starting things but poosy at finishing them so hopefully I'll have something to share with you later.

Crochet hooks (also in the amazon parcel of my dreams).

: :  public crafting...  I crafted in public on the train, too (with permission from my train buddies - wouldn't like to embarrass anyone with my geekery!).

Craftastic train ride

: :  oxford for a day...  Our special pal, E has been working in Oxford for a few weeks.  What better reason to pop up to Oxford for a day spent by the river in a garden bar?  We popped by Christ Church school too, where the Harry Potter dining room scene was filmed.

Christ Church

: :  tuberculosis shot...  Got myself a tb shot the other day (compulsory for my work).  It's a bit fun having a festering sore on the arm, really.  I do love me a good hunk of pus (puss?)!

: :  listy list...  Purchased myself a 'list book' today.  Who doesn't love a list or two?  I saw it a while ago at the shop, and I kept thinking about it so here it is in all its deliciousness...

...  look at this picture below and you'll see the amazingness of it.  On the right is a note pad.  Then on the left side a shopping list, some post-it notes and some little marker post-its.  Are you totes jell? 

: :  call the midwife...  Such a great series, my friend E and I are watching.  Can you tell I'm watching it as I write this?  Also do you know the most incredible news - that season three of Downton Abbey is coming out soon.
Shut... Up...

: :  stratford...  Popping up to Stratford (where the olympic park is) for a spot of lunch (and to buy list books to feed my organisation fetish) is something I like to do, and we went today.  There is a burger restaurant called 'Gourmet Burger Kitchen' which sells New Zealand products, including 'Kaitaia fire' and...  L&P!  I took the liberty of introducing my pals to it, and they were suitably impressed, I believe.

Enough rambling for one day.  I need to go and watch some more Call the Midwife, and do some crochet.  Haha.  So very 'elderly' of me.


  1. How I love your blogs.....but most of all you my darling granddaughter. love, Nan xx

  2. aw cool comment from your nan.
    Now that you've blogged about crochet...we have to see something!

  3. Toats Jell hehe ;-) Lovin hearin bout ya and missing you from way over here!! xoxo


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