Sunday, September 16, 2012

[actually monday memorandum...]

YUSSSSS!  It's actually Monday and I'm posting my Monday Memorandum. 

: :  currently watching...  As I type, I'm just finished watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and now I'm watching X factor.  How great is it when they are awful?  I know it's horrid to say, but I just think it is so fun to watch.  I went and saw the taping of a session, and now I'm watching for myself in the audience.  Ha.

: :  niceness...  He has been working from home this week.  I like it too - having him around, just being there.  Also if I need something technical fixed, he can help me.  Ha.  Don't ask me what is going on here - some soldering business, and I helped hold a wire onto a metal thing.

: :  assignment...  I was feeling a bit worried about not being offered another contract with my work - I had asked and they hadn't got back to me...  Nervous waiting...  eeek!  Anyhow, this week they got back to me.  Lady: "Oh, Stacey.  Did we get back to you about your assignment?  Because we do want you back."  Me:  "Cripes, lady - way to leave me hanging."  So that's whew!

: :  oh, hello...   Oh, hello sunset.  

: :  falling asleep...  Anyone else always fall asleep in movies?  Watching them at home, at a friends house or even at the movies - I would say that 90% of the time I fall asleep.  If I ever suffer from insomnia (I doubt I will), I'll just watch a movie and I'll be sure to fall asleep.

: :  patent...  This is a patented idea.  I have had some trouble with extracting marshmallows from the hot chocolate without being piggy and using my fingers, or getting them stuck in the lid hole.  BUT wait...  I figured out while waiting for the bus after a night duty that I could use the lid as a scooping spoon.  Gen-i-us.

: :  mum comes back...  Mum comes back next week, and we do a bit more looking around England and then go on a coach tour of Vienna, Budapest and Prague.  Then we head to Santorini and Athens.  Can't wait!

: :  fouling can cause blindness...  Really?  How?  If you rub it in your eye?  Or as a comementer said on my instagram - if someone punches you in the eye?  Also, how's the little poo on the side?  And what is up with the eyes.  Weird sign.

: :  date night...  My Guy suggested a date night last night and I was pleased to accept.  We walked to a restaurant about ten minutes away and had some yummy tea.  It's a pizza lounge and we shared an entree and a pizza, and had some lovely conversation about our current plans and work, and our future.  It was very nice.  And I even did curls.

: :  downton abbey...  The new Downton starts tonight!  Season three...  Eeeeeeee!

: :  sunday funday...  The London family had a picnic in the park today - we had a barbeque (we made it at the house) and walked up to the park for a nice meal and a few games of boules.  I got a sweet picnic blanket, picnic set and boules set for my birthday and I love to use them!

So that was my week briefly.  What have you been up to this week?


  1. I love the curls! They look so pretty :-)
    I have a friend who ALWAYS falls asleep during movies. It's a big joke, of course. We could never have a movie/DVD night without somebody joking about Jo falling asleep. Haha!
    Love your marshmallow idea. Although I don't like marshmallows so I never put them in my hot chocolate, I just give them to the kids. But can see a lot of people liking your idea and wanting to copy it.


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