Monday, August 20, 2012

[monday memorandum...]

Funny week...  Well, weeks.  I've got two Monday memo's to update cos I missed out last week.  I feel like I've been working my hoo hoos off.  I haven't really - I just don't know how people work five days a week.  I worked four for the last two weeks (12 hour days) and I am exhaustified.  Ha, what a pansy, right?!

: :  shoes...  I got some new running (well, slowly walking) shoes this week, ones that are good for my foot, and they are the best.  Funny thing about them - you can't wear them with jeans or tights (my most common lower body attire).  So I have two options - wear them anyway and don't bother about fashion rules, or don't wear them.  I chose to wear them - today I wore them with jeans.  Fashion disaster.

: :  fruit salad magic...  There is something magic about fruit salad that you purchase.  Not fruit that you purchase and make it yourself.  No siree.  The fruit that the man purchases and cuts up, puts in a fancy container and charges you a 300% mark up.  That's the magic.  It is delicious and refreshing, and I love it.  I only wish there were a request system, because the man puts too much gross melon in my fruit salad.  If I'm going to pay exorbitantly for a fancy cut and cup, surely I can ask for melons-out?  Wait, I know - I can resell it as a melon salad?!

Half full melon cup, anyone?
 : :  heatwave...  It has been really hot here lately.  Britain doesn't know what to do with 30 degrees - it is so unusual.  I'm a cold lover - me and heat were not made to be together too so I feel their pain.  In fact, at work they put out a 'heat wave warning' and it said that we had to prepare ourselves and our patients because London is expected to reach 31 degrees, and maintain 20 degrees overnight.  Ha!

: :  olympic fever...  The closing ceremony was pretty cool, huh?  I'm looking forward to the paralympics too.  A couple friends and I watched the closing ceremony at work - they have set up a room with a bar and a view of Big Ben.  Also, some olympic rings.  Rad.

Olympic rings

: :  the mother...  Eight sleeps until the mother arrives, and the plans are coming together nicely!

: :  tea with the Queen...  Did you know you can go inside Buckingham Palace?  Me neither.  But I did it.  And then had a hot chocolate in the garden cafe afterwards before walking through the garden.  And the Queen was home.  True story.

Hot choc and scones

: :  bright...  It was a bright day (so hot) in Brighton.  The London family headed down there (once we managed to get on the train) and stayed one night.  We had some fun, watched some karaoke, ate a tonne of great food.  Oh, and My Guy purchased a few gobstoppers from a retro lolly shop.  And I mean gigantic gobstoppers.  It was the best kind of night away.

: :  london appointment situation...  I have been having some health troubles lately, and have had to go to a few appointments.  Sweet crumbs alive, it takes hours.  One appointment I had meant I left home at 10am and arrived back again at 5pm.  Seven.  Hours.  Ridiculous.  This morning I had an appointment too, only I was gone for a total of three hours - home by 10.30am.  Amazing.  I'm figuring out to streamline the process.  Ha.

: :  six a.m...  Unless you have somewhere awesome to go, it's never fun getting up at 6am.  This weekend it just meant I had to get up and go to work, and it's been freakin hot in the nursery lately.  I eat breakfast in the lounge, and it's nice to appreciate things even when you'd rather be sleeping.  Six a.m - if you and I have to meet, thanks for an awesome sunrise.

Great week.  How was yours?!


  1. It's always so nice to read your posts. It sounds like you guys are doing well. Have a great time with your mum when she visits - that's so cool, I'm sure you'll really enjoy hanging out and showing her the sights and sounds of London :-)

  2. aw I wanna have tea at the queens house!


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