Monday, August 6, 2012

[monday memorandum...]

This week hasn't been a particularly eventful one - Monday Memorandum wise anyway...  The first three days, I worked.  And the next four days I was in Berlin, and that's another post.  So just a short one today.

: :  olympics...  I still haven't been able to get any tickets for the Olympics yet, but I have been watching lots on tele - have you?  I especially like the synchronised diving and the rhythmic gymnastics.  There are some tickets left for the paralympics which I think would be awesome to see too.  Side note - how cool is the 'blade runner'?!

: :  giant ship...  We had to go down to Canary Wharf to get my phone looked at (something about the battery draining too fast), and saw this big ole ship.  I don't think this picture quite does it justice - this bad boy is very large.  These ships look like they should definitely not be floating.

: :  special visitor... My Mum arrives in just a little over three weeks.  Can't wait!

: :  shorts...  Today I am wearing shorts, for one of the first times this summer.  Now as I look outside it is very overcast, and I have a jumper on too.  Hehe.  Ironic.

: :  pattern...  On a walking tour in Berlin, the rain came pelting down.  We had wet feet and heads, and so stopping off for a hot drink was a welcome treat.  This hot chocolate was so yummy and appreciated - and I liked the patterns on the cup too.

: :  got milk?...  Love this new campaign - well I think it was more like just an accidental happening.  Georgia, who is the author of Gregarious Peach posted a photo of herself breastfeeding in the milk section of the supermarket with the title 'got milk?'  Then a bunch of other women got on board and posted pics too.  I think it is so sad one of the ladies had a comment about how 'revolting' breastfeeding in public is.  What a shame that that is the attitude that is out there!

: :  cartoony...  This is quite a cool effect that My Guy found out our phones can do!  And this is the effect of going to the toilet and leaving my phone with that same Guy.

 : :  plant situation...  For those of you that have been keenly following the growth of our herbs - here is the latest update on the fast growing, and sunlight addicted herbs.  Coriander (the yuckest one) is still winning, with parsley coming in a close second.  I'm rooting for basil.  Go, basil - go!  (See the previous pic here).

I'll be back with more on the trip to Berlin later in the week.  Until then, what have you been doing this week?


  1. love the herbs. I suck at plant growing!

  2. I'm loving the Olympics - haven't watched so much telly in years!! It's on 24/7 at the moment and we're all really into it. It must be pretty amazing to have it happening in your city, all around you. I hope you do manage to get tickets to something before it ends.
    Yay for shorts! I can't wait for summer ... soooooo over winter.


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