Saturday, August 25, 2012

[five years...]

Bucket list:  3).  Reach five years of marriage.

Reaching five years of marriage - something that I feel quite proud of.  There were some hairy moments where we weren't sure we'd make it but here we are - five years married to the man of my dreams.  My lover and my best friend.

We celebrated in Canada, and in fact lost half the day because of the time difference when we travelled back to England but no mind - we still made it!

Bucket list number three - tick.
(Also hurry up me - I'm almost thirty and I've still got a way to go!)

See my full bucket list post here and my page with the completion list here.


  1. Congratulations!!! A big milestone for you both....and it does get better too! xx

  2. Happy Anniversary, guys! So cool that you got to celebrate it in Canada :-)


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