Friday, June 8, 2012

there are some places...

Oh Canada.

Canada is quite similar to New Zealand, so going there felt strangely familiar somehow.  My Guy and I went for a five day trip, to Vancouver and Whistler.  And it was cool.  So cool.

I think I'll do a three part series - a trilogy of sorts.

Part one : Vancouver city.

We were in Vancouver for a day, then travelled up to Whistler for three days, and back to Vancouver for the final day.  It rained the whole time we were in Vancouver - I was a little nervous to take the real camera out, so it's iphone pics (not my best work) mixed with real ones.

Airports are always so cool to me...  I love people watching and the thrill of going somewhere new.

 Flying, on the other hand, is less awesome every time I do it.

 Lost luggage (for a while) - also not cool at all.

Next morning I do some planning.  My Guy is at a training day and I have some sights to see! 

 Such as...  

  Granville Island markets for awesome sights (and purchases)...

 Including places to charge up your electric vehicle...

 And grape flavoured apples (why, oh why?!).

After some lunch and a look around, I headed back on the aquabus to the mainland. 

I walked back in the rain (with my new umbrella), along pretty streets lined with pink flowers.

And my favourite flower - the tulip.

Once we'd been to Whistler (post on that to come...), we drove this beast back to Vancouver - on the wrong side of the road.  Well, we drove on the right side but it was the wrong side.  Get it?  Sweet crumbs alive, I must have looked like a child driving this thing.

 We stopped off along the way for some sights and history lessons.
(This photo is probably wildly inappropriate, culturally speaking.)

There is some of the most amazing, peaceful scenery in Canada....  Just breathtaking.

Also Vancouver cityscapes.

Vancouver delivered, oh yes it did.

Stay tuned for Part two : Whistler!

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  1. I love the last picture, with the tulips!

    I have so many friends who have lived in Canada and LOVED it, however, I had the unfortunate experience of meeting the most arrogant Canadian on the face of the planet and it put me right off. You're right about the scenery though - just breathtaking. It's such a pity when one person ruins a whole country! :(

  2. Very beautiful pictures of Canada Stacey.

  3. Very lovely Canada photos Stacey. Looking forward to reading your new blog. xx


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