Thursday, April 14, 2011

twenty-nine before thirty...

Well, seeing as I am about to turn 28 in a couple of weeks, I thought I'd better get underway a list of things I want to do before I'm 30, as mentioned in this post, and inspired by this amazing lady, here. This gives me two years, which Im sure is achieveable!

As I also mentioned, Id like to blog more, and I will be able to blog about the achievement of these 29 things, which will hopefully be interesting to you, and will also be kind of like a journal for me!

So here goes, and in no particular order:

1) Have a house built.
2) Travel to Europe.
3) Reach 5 years of marriage.
4) Complete our wedding album.
5) Be pregnant.
6) Read the entire bible.
7) Hold an overseas nursing registration.
8) Keep my left leg.
9) Learn to use a DSLR camera.
10) Get a tattoo.
11) Lose 10 kg.
12) Go to a concert.
13) Have a photo taken at the top and bottom of the Eiffel Tower.
14) Have a penpal.
15) Give blood.
16) Bake good biscuits. (Done here).
17) Donate money to a good cause.
18) Make something for a baby.
19) Photograph a pregnant woman. (Done here).
20) Cook a 5 course meal.
21) Grow a vegetable and eat it.
22) Write a love letter to my husband.
23) Build something out of wood.
24) Go in a hot air balloon.
25) Go on a train, starting in one country and ending in another.
26) Drink a (or some) beer in an Irish pub.
27) Go on a long road trip.
28) Have a full body massage. (Done here).
29) Discover a new band.

This was a lot harder than you may think! I could think of lots of 'be more such and such,' or 'do more such and such', or 'appreciate this thing', but found it hard to think of actual goals. Perhaps my goal should have been - 'be more ambitious', or 'have more goals'! I admit, I stole a few too. It was fun though! A lot of them seem to be related to our travels - which start later this year, and I'm not sure I have EVER been so excited about something. Cant wait to see them play out - I have a super interesting couple of years ahead of me, thats for sure!

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  1. Oh my gosh Stacey. Thats so cool. :-) You've inspired me to write a bit of a list as well.

  2. yay what a fun list! Can't wait to see the blogs about them :-)

  3. Cool goals - I'd like to steal a few. Europe sounds mean!!

  4. Great goals Stace. You can cook a 5 course meal for me any day. Its gonna be tricky building yourself a house while you are away in Europe working! Could you make your house out of wood thereby #23 done at the same time. Mmmm massage...thats sounds good...

  5. What a great list of goals! Go Stace - you can do them ALL! I'm cheering for you :-)

    Hannah xx

  6. Thanks guys. My ideas are totally available for stealing... Go for it. And Jackie - I could build a house for a baby out of wood in Europe while pregnant with a batch of cookies in the oven which is the dessert for my 5 course meal? I think thats 6 in one!

  7. You are an AWESOME person StaceyKendyl. I [heart] You! :0) Lx

  8. YAY! Cool, cool, cool list Stace. LOVED the one about the hot air balloon! And can't wait for you to start popping out some gorgeous bubbas :)


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