bucket list...

I have made a bucket list of sorts.

I call it 'twenty-nine before thirty', and it's a list of twenty nine goals I would love to achieve before I turn 30 (which is getting closer every day - yikes!)

Here is the list anyway, for interests sake.

1) Have a house built.
2) Travel to Europe. 
3) Reach 5 years of marriage. (Done here).
4) Complete our wedding album.
5) Be pregnant.
6) Read the entire bible.
7) Hold an overseas nursing registration.
8) Keep my left leg.
9) Learn to use a DSLR camera.
10) Get a tattoo.
11) Lose 10 kg.
12) Go to a concert.
13) Have a photo taken at the top and bottom of the Eiffel Tower.  (Done here).
14) Have a penpal.
15) Give blood.
16) Bake good biscuits. (Done here).
17) Donate money to a good cause. (Done here).
18) Make something for a baby.
19) Photograph a pregnant woman. (Done here).
20) Cook a 5 course meal.
21) Grow a vegetable and eat it.
22) Write a love letter to my husband.
23) Build something out of wood.
24) Go in a hot air balloon.
25) Go on a train, starting in one country and ending in another.
26) Drink a (or some) beer in an Irish pub.
27) Go on a long road trip.
28) Have a full body massage. (Done here).
29) Discover a new band.

I will update the list here as I complete them, so keep checking in!  Soooooo fun!

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